Kí lẹ̀ ń tà? - What are you selling?

Across the colourful markets and bustling high streets of Southwestern Nigeria, one question echoes: “Kí lẹ̀ ń tà?” Translating to “what are you selling?” in Yoruba, this phrase encapsulates the vibrant spirit at the heart of our brand. At Kilentar, we create timeless designs that honour traditional craftsmanship while embracing contemporary aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s rich cultural heritage, each piece tells a story.

From the rhythms of Nigeria to the masks of Burkina Faso, and the shores of Côte d'Ivoire, we channel the soul of the continent, preserving ancient techniques in every stitch. Relying on traditional dyeing and weaving methods, our one-of-a-kind garments capture the multidimensional experience of the modern woman — feminine yet fierce, traditional yet modern, stylish yet sustainable. Every Kilentar design is a tribute to the skilled artisans who breathe life into each creation, infusing them with their passion and heritage along the way.

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Meet the Founder

Michelle Adepoju

Michelle Adepoju is the founder and visionary behind Kílẹ̀ńtàr. Raised in a Nigerian household in the United Kingdom, Michelle’s parents instilled a deep sense of pride and connection to her Yoruba culture. As a young art student, she developed a keen interest in fashion and upcycling. For teenage Michelle, weekends involved transforming hidden treasures found in second-hand stores into unique statement pieces. After graduating from university with a degree in Art and Marketing, Michelle continued to explore various creative mediums, embarking on a transformative journey across West Africa.

She immersed herself in history, cuisine, and fashion, soaking up the culture of each destination and engaging in enriching conversations along the way. In 2019, fuelled by her experiences and wanderlust, she founded Kílẹ̀ńtàr – a love letter to the skilled artisans she encountered during her travels. Michelle has since been recognized as an emerging designer to watch and continues to build a global brand known for its elegance and feminine silhouette. As showcased by Kílẹ̀ńtàr, she is passionate about sustainability and circular design practices, utilising traditional African methods to reimagine the fashion industry’s approach to production and consumption.

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